Monday, April 10, 2006

"Touch of the Stomach Bug"

An E.R. Nurse pets Rowena's head after covering us both with warm blankets

A Service Dog at work

Rosie at the Doggy Emergency Department

Two weekends ago, Rowena began vomiting and couldn't even keep water down. I took her to the "Doggy" ER and they concluded that she did NOT have an intestinal blockage (this cost about $500). After the Barium series that took all day, Rowena and I returned home and she ate a special diet for about 2 days before resuming a somewhat regular diet. The following weekend, a similar story pursued only this time it was me who was not keeping anything down. Being dehydrated and my medications out of wack, I went to the human E.R. Like I did for Rowena a week earlier, She did not leave me but stayed at my feet. She kept vigil at home at my feet as well, becoming a bit stir crazy by the third day. Today was Rowena's and my first day out of the sick house. We had a short work day and a good playtime both in the field and I let her play while I was at my friend's house using her computer. It amazes me that Rowena will stay with me for as long as I stay in bed even if it means ALL weekend! I hope that I can return the loyalty.

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