Monday, March 13, 2006

March Photos...

Warm and Cozy Rosie after a long romp in the forest.

Here we are last Saturday during our walk in the City Forest.

A stop by a log pile in the forest.

Rowena catches her lite up frisbee during a night game on a frozen pond.

Chris gets ready to throw the frisbee for Rowena.

We had some good snow recently, but it just hasn't lasted very long this year.

Here we play a quick game of frisbee a few miles in the City Forest.

Hello all... My computers are not working right now, so I am doing this from a friend's house. I have not been able to load pictures on here in quite a while due to whatever is going on in my laptop. I thought I'd at least share these photos with you until I can get one of my computers working.

Rowena and I have had some struggles lately, but I will save that for when I have more time. We are still working well together though and still enjoy each other's company.

Take care for now...

-Heather & Rowena

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