Monday, March 10, 2008

We Are a Certified Service Dog Team Now!

As of October 21, 2007, we have been a service dog team. We got a framed certificate that read the following:

"Certified Service Dog Team
Heather Gerquest & Rowena
The above named team has met the objectives and requirements outlined by Tail Waggin Training Center and has agreed to the professional standards of conduct, thus having acheived the status of Certified Service Dog Team with Public Access."

Below is the photo taken after our Public Access Test given at the Bangor Mall, Bangor, Maine US by Rob Boulier of Tail Waggin Training Center. It was an impromptu test... we were there just to go through and see what was involved in the test, but I was given the option to test. I did so which was probably a great thing because I did not have time to get nervous.

Rob & Lynn wanted to do something special, and I didn't know what the meant. I didn't know certification through them was an option for me since Rosie is a handler-trained service dog. In January, the Bouliers stopped by to deliver my certificate, beautifully framed, and the certification surprised me.
I feel quite honored that they trusted us as a team enough to put their name on our certificate... and very proud of Rosie, who will still always be "in Training".