Monday, April 24, 2006

My Computer is Still Broken... Here's Some More Photos!

She looks like she might be tending sheep, but the only thing she has her eye fixed on in this photo is her frisbee being waved in the air to get a good pose from her.

Rowena's regal "herding dog" pose on the stone wall.

Chloe and Rowena take a break from a rough game of frisbee tag.

Rowena and her pal, Chloe, attempt to share a large stick that Rowena had found.

Recently, Rowena actually went after a stick in the pond at the City Forest. There is still ICE in it when this was taken! After this day, she has not had the nerve to go back in after anything. Too COLD still!

Rowena meets two rowdy labs on the landfill by the City Forest.

Rowena poses nicely on a stonewall with her frisbee so I can take a photo.

Rowena chases snowballs in the City Forest this past winter.

Rowena's Frisbee landed in a tree. She wasn't sure quite what to do at first!

Me and Rowena enjoying a day at the City Forest.

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