Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"A Day with Benny & Crystal" by Rowena (and Heather, her human)

"Dogs at Work"
A trip to Target with Rosie and Benny
Heather and Rosie
Crystal, Benny, Heather, and Rosie

Crystal and Benny

" Y'all have a nice day now!"

"Hello, Welcome to Target!"


"Dogs at Play"
Rosie and Benny at Saxl Park

Rosie being told to "drop" and "Leave it" (the stick)
Rosie sulks at Benny as he picks up the stick she was told to drop.
"Hey, that was MY stick! He's got my stick!"
(She's an only dog you know.)


The Face-Off

Open Fields!

Rosie trying to play herding games with Benny, a dog bigger than her! (She is usually playing with a Puggle.)

"Tag! You're it!!" "Not fer LONG!!"

"One Dog Playing"
Rosie Plays in Saxl Park While Benny Runs Around

"I found a stick!!"

"Where's Benny?"


"Hmmmph... Oh well. I'll have to find another large stick without him."

Here is a little slide show, with photos and video clips from Rosie and Benny's playdate in Saxl Park: