Wednesday, November 30, 2005

"My Psychiatric Service Dog Calender Project: I Request Your Help"

I am creating a PSD Education calender for 2006 to give to a couple of Mental Health care Providers this holiday. I cannot do this alone however... I need help! I am seeking out photos of other PSDs (or PSD-ITs) to serve as the pup of the month. I have so far 2 handlers interested in entering their dog into the calender, plus my own... this means I still need 9 other canine/handler participants to complete this calender project. I will also request that the answers to the following questions be sent to me as well with the dog's photo...
The dog's name (can use registered name), title(s) including PSD or PSD-IT, age, Birthday of dog, How long dog has been training or working as a service dog, disability in which the dog is trained to assist his/her handler, a few tasks dog is trained to perform, favorite pasttimes, pet peeves and town, state and country where the dog works/resides (or just the state) Your (handler's) name is not needed for the calender and will not be on the calender unless you request it. If the photo is copyright, please tell me. Even though I am not mass producing these calenders nor am I selling them, I don't want to get into too much trouble in making this calender. Please answer the above questions and mail the answers in with a clear "Downloadable" photo of your dog at work, in vest or not... or of your puppy in training. (See Rowena's example photo above). If you would like, also send the URL to your favorite service dog information website. Let me know if you would like your dog in a certain month. September and July are already reserved. To those who have already volunteered to help out, Thank you so much!

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Anonymous said...

that is a pretty neat idea to do up a calendar. I saw the picture of the sheep dog, tee hee hee that is very funny, I LOVE IT!

Keep up the good space and do not let the ad people get you down, you tell them girl!

Peachy Hugs