Friday, December 30, 2005

"Surviving the Holidays"

Here she is in all her glory... my little snow angel, Rowena. This is what gets me through the holiday chaos. Look at that face!
Rowena, enduring the first snowstorm of the year in her new winter work coat and her holiday collar ruffle I made for her. You know, if all that really mattered were frisbees and tennis balls, I think we might all be happier over the holidays.
I hope to add in more photos and things later as soon as I can figure out what is wrong with my computer scanner program.
To those Eleven individuals and dogs who assisted me in creating the 2006 PSD Calendar, Thank you so much. It looks really good! I can only make one copy per person (for a minimal fee of $5 for ink, supplies and postage) on my computer and extras will have to be $25 a copy as I will have to go get it done at a place like Staples. I may be able to bring that cost down by using my own paper. Otherwise, you can use the copy I send you and make your own copies... whatever works best for you. This project is taking a lot more printer power than I had intended it to take. I hope that if anyone who participated decides to invest in a copy that they will appreciate the job. It really looks good, and I think I have done each service dog well. I wish I could give you a sample of it here, but I can't.
Happy New Year!
I am presently working with a friend (long- distance) to try to get off more copies of the calendar to decrease the cost to people who participated in helping me create it. Please try and be patient with this process, and I will keep you updated.
Thank you!!

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