Thursday, November 10, 2005

"A Photo Collage: Rowena in Autumn"

Dogs and Handlers eagerly await entering the Flyball Court this past weekend during a tournament in Bangor Tennis Club. The light yellow shirts are the local team (Flyball Maineiacs). The Black & White Border Collie in the center is Jayden's Chance, Rowena's half Brother... who lives across town. Chance is Four.
Rowena loves a good stick! Along with a long romp in the woods with family. this day was a beautiful Autumn day and Rowena well deserved a good long run. She played a quick game of tag with a burly Rottweiller named Major and actually went in the water to get a rock I threw in. I didn't think she'd jump in this late in the game!

Rowena, Feeling Sheepish (and I as her shepherd) in her Halloween costume at Petco. An over-weight Hybrid Wolf dressed in "Grand ma's" clothing won a prize. Poor Ro won nothing for her Humility... well, except my love and affection.

Frisbee Fun in the Field! Rowena's ability to focus on a game has greatly increased in the past few months. Frisbee and fetching tennis balls have become good exercise and a positive distraction for her when we go out for a walk or romp in the woods or forest... even in the water!
Family Walk in the Woods as Hunting Season Begins. Even Rowena is worth the orange vest as we head out on a good long walk in the woods. She also wears a bear bell on her orange collar in order to warn and scare all the deer away from the hunters... okay, not that, but so the hunters will know she is not a deer and if she were, she would have to be one of Santa Claus's Reindeer, and I think those guys are endangered or something.
Princess Rowena at Summer's End. This photo will be on Rowena's newest photo ID I have just mailed out for. She lost her other on Halloween when I clipped it on her collar and it fell off on our walk down the road. I have no idea why someone would not put the effort into returning it, but it is no where to be found.

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sbrlzc said...


I came across your blog today and thought I'd leave a comment. Rowena is beautiful and very smart it seems.

I also work with a service animal and I would be lost without her. I was reading through your entries and saw that Rowena was attacked. I am so sorry that you both have had to go through that. We went through a similar experience and nothing was done for us, even when the vet said my girl could have died ~frustration.

Anyway, if you don't mind, I'll be adding you to my favorites and checking back. I just started my blogspot journal, if you'd like to check it out, please feel free: