Thursday, December 10, 2009

The New Pup in Town

In a few days, there will be a new young dog among us here in Bangor. We have been working on getting him here for many months, and finally it is coming to pass. 7 month old Blizzard, a Border Collie from a farm in Kansas will be flying in on a Delta either Friday or Monday. (Was to be Thursday, but the weather is not cooperating.) We do not know how he will test on any of his puppy tests, but either way, he is here to stay.
This little fellow is not your typical black & white border collie, but... what color he does have is a shaded sable (reddish in color with some black mixed in). His head is white, blending in with his collar and shoulders, four legs and half of his tail. He has sweet brown eyes and is reported to be a pretty mellow dog for his breed. He was born to (sire) Rockin G's Bandit (Champion cattledog lines) and (dam) Borderzone's Viva's a Wild Soul on May 6th, 2009. His AKC name will be "Vernal Nor'easter" and we will continue to call him Blizzard.
One thing people will notice when I post his pedigree is that Rosie and he have one family member in common! That family member is (sire) Clan-Abby Blue Aberdoone of New Zealand. Blue Aberdoone is blue and white which means that Blizzard not only carries genes for sable coloring, but also blue coloring as well. How cool is that??!
So far I only have a few pictures sent to me by his breeders, but we plan on taking many pictures of him beginning when we pick him up at the airport.

(above) Blizzard at about 5 months old

(Above) Blizzard at about 8 weeks old.
Stay tuned for more on Blizzard!


thetroubleisme said...

Wow, handsome dog! Congrats!

Heather Gerquest said...

Unfortunately he had some bad fear aggression issues and I needed to rehome him with people that could help him with that. He would have never even made it close to a service dog "in training" even. He was a sweet dog, handsome and played well with Rosie but with his issues nothing worked out for him. I will forever feel guilty for having to give him up and will never forget those eyes of his looking at me like "Mom, what are you doing to me? I thought I was part of the family?" I am crying right now! He left in October and I really hope to hell he gets the love, training and stability he needs to become an absolutely wonderful family member. He was very handsome and had some real muscles on those hind legs of his!
I so badly wanted to make it work. I tried SO HARD to make it work. All bridges burned.