Thursday, December 10, 2009

Life with a Service Dog: horse demo w/ Benny#links

Rosie and Benny work side-by-side at a
Wendy's restaurant in Bangor.

Benny is an awesome service dog that not only heels well, he heels well with a pony too!
Life with a Service Dog: horse demo w/ Benny Links


Neil said...


What planet are you on?

I'm sorry your dog was permanently transformed by an encounter with another dog. However, it is silly of you to expect that such an event not unfold occasionally. It sounds like you chose the wrong dog to "train."

The man you photographed meant you and your dog no harm. Your zeal for (pointless) revenge does not come off well. You come off like an obnoxious moron.

Stupidity alone is no offense. Stupidity and self-righteous vigilance together form a special type of repulsiveness.

Everybody has met people like you. I know exactly what those cops were mumbling as you walked away in a huff. I am a kind and caring person, and yet if I were in the shoes of the man with the dog, I'd have a hard time not laughing in disbelief at your clueless hysteria.

I don't mean to put you down. I've had blind spots like yours in life, and I look back on them asking myself "what the #*!! was I thinking?" Really. Think about it for the next day or two, Heather. Your position is absurd.


Heather Gerquest said...

Dear "Neil"

I agree that my view on the incident is more on the subjective side, but your "comment" is uncalled for. Obviously you did not read the instructions given to leave comments.
Not only is your "comment" very subjective, it is one HUGE blind spot because you were not there. You don't know anything about what happened, and the tone of the verbal transactions between me and this irresponsible dog owner. You do not know the tone or mood of ANY of the transactions between me and others regarding this matter including my dealings with the PD.
I know that your tone does not belong on my blog or anyone elses' blog. How can you react so ignorantly with such a tone? What ground do you hold on the matter "Neil". Are you the dog's handler? You certainly sound like it by this comment you left.

And to have you tell me that my six year old certified service dog (from puppy training, Canine Good Citizen, to SD public access) was not a good choice for a service dog is just plain stupidity. Yes, "train". I worked with a training center that raises and trains dogs for children with autism (as well as adults with different disabilities along with the occasional handler trainer). There are plenty of fakes around here but I ain't one of them. Of course if you actually read some of the other stuff on this blog perhaps you'd know that.

Psychiatric service dogs are legit. Ask any returning soldier with PTSD who has been matched up with one of these great dogs if these dogs are real service dogs (or returning soldier with PTSD who is training their own pup like I did). I think that many of them will say that their service dogs transformed them, saved their lives even. AND according to the Americans with Disabilities Act, people with psychiatric disabilities and their service dogs are covered. (The ADA is federal law just incase you didn't know).

It is not a casual event to have one's service dog attacked. Many service dogs have been ruined by a single attack. This attack was NOT a single attack, but you wouldn't know that. Even if it were the only attack that ever happened to my well-seasoned service dog and myself doesn't mean that that single attack can't ruin her as a service dog. One attack can ruin a working dog easily. But you wouldn't know anything about that. There was a reason a law was written to protect service dogs. This isn't just some hysterical reaction from me. The problem is trying to get lazy animal control personal and police officers to do something about it. Like you, they are rarely familiar with the laws. Of course you wouldn't know any of that either.

"Kind and caring"? You are NOT. The fact that you even typed that after all the other BS makes your whole argument null and void.

"Don't mean to put you down"? You can't tell me that you didn't mean to put me down after all the crap you typed about someone and something you know very little about. That comment alone makes the reliability of your whole post obsolete. Should I highlight the many sections where you very obviously and intentionally put me down, thus proving that you are indeed NOT the kind and caring person you say you are?