Monday, January 22, 2007

"Oscar Meets the Governor!"

Oscar continues to do well! He recently met the Governor of Montana, Gov. Brian Schweitzer, a noted Border Collie lover. Accompanying Gov. Schweitzer is "Jag", his own Border Collie (pictured behind him, shyly greeting a brown and white BC). In the picture, the Governor is holding out a red and yellow tennis ball for Oscar. Oscar looks as if he may have approached the governor with a big huge butt wag!

I am unsure if Oscar ever had epilepsy as I have heard different things from 2 places while trying to assist animal control and shelter workers in the Butte area catch who did this thing to Oscar. (Check out the previous post about Crash and her brother.)

Crash gained 10 pounds in the first month in her new home and also continues to be doing very well and reportedly learning a lot!

I know Rosie and I hope that the investigators in the Butte area, Montana can pin down who beat and threw Oscar into the dumpster, and when we find out for sure what happened and whodunit, I will post it HERE!

In the meantime, our fingers are crossed to win the House and Garden Network Dream home in Montana. (Hey, there is a reason it is called a "dream" home you know... so let us!)

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