Monday, January 15, 2007 Padded Vest Arrives...

In the previous year, Activedogs working vests have been too large for me to bother with the expense of buying one for her. However, I loved the look and function of them so when they went on sale this past month, I went for it. The only place it is maybe a bit too large is in the front strap, the sternum strap over her front. If I took it in maybe an inch on either side, it would be perfect. At this point, it does what it needs to do, just with a little more space than is necessary. Border Collies are not known for their large sizes and huge shoulder and neck width, but they make such great work dogs, it is a shame to have the dog not fit in a work vest that is just as worthy of the job. Border Collies are worth acknowledging in the work dog sector and one owning such a work dog should not have to pay extra for less material to be used to make this awesome vest fit. Is there size discrimination going on at I love the place and all their gear so much, but my dog is a medium sized dog standing at 20" tall and she is deserving of having a REAL work vest. She will never be a mobility dog, but the more expensive vests on the site should be an easier option for us in the future. I am crazy about this padded vest and it looks great on Rosie. The handle is awesome as I am short (though just as mighty) and I can easily reach down and grab the handle and pick her right up like a "pocket dog"... All thirty-three powerful pounds of her. Look at her up there in the photo with her bright red vest sitting there wondering why in **** I am making her pose when there is a blizzard going on and snow to snort. Notice her handsome metal tag hanging from her vest as well. The "Tiny Dog Vests" are just too tight and look kind of like a tiny too-too on the long muscular body of a Border Collie like Rosie, though it will work great this summer at the beach.
Activedogs is a site quite worthy of checking out for some awesome service dog products. The larger your dog, the better the products available. Please check them out! Their link is listed below and to the right of the screen.
Since this post, I have purchased another "Padded Harness Vest" for Rowena. It is purple to match the Psychiatric Service Dog Society patches. Scroll up to see a photo of Rosie in her purple vest!)

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