Thursday, December 28, 2006

"News Update on the Little Female Deaf Puppy"

Although I had success finding a home for "Lilly" the deaf Border Collie puppy, Lilly's brother Oscar was not quite so fortunate. Now named Oscar (Lilly's brother, named Oscar for reasons that will become clear by the end of this article) did not get out in time. Oscar, pictured in upper left corner when he was found and pictured again under a desk, doing MUCH BETTER! Oscar is one special pup!

I received an e-mail updating me on how "Lily" was doing (now nicknamed "Crash") about a week ago. Rosie's and my pals found Crash a home and had planned on picking Crash up from the breeder and shipping her out to her new home in Chicago after Thanksgiving. And so, as planned, the pup was picked up. Born 7/11/2006, Crash was five months old when she was picked up from the breeder. The photos accompanying this post were taken soon after picking her up from the breeder... and after she returned from spending a little time at the vets as well. When they picked her up, she weighed only 7 and 1/2 pounds, and as you can see, looks more like how big Rowena was at 8 weeks (but weighing less). When reading this, I was indeed shocked at the extent of the neglect of this little puppy. If I had decided and was able to adopt this little pup, I would not have been able to ship her by air until she was healthy enough to do so, which she was not. So our Dogster pals got her home from the vet and had her for a day before having to send her off to her new loving home. My e[mail said: "She was extremely sweet and loving, and full of puppy energy." They did fall in love with her quickly. Her new family also fell in love with her and Lily has been described by her new mom as being "the best puppy ever." Crash's best friend is her mini-Aussie sister, and Crash is now up to 17 pounds (in less than a month)... closer to her healthy weight. At the end of the e-mail my Dogster pal stated that because of my help, Crash was removed from a bad situation. I felt good until I got to the next sentence that stated that Crash's brother, Oscar was not as lucky.
Apparently, Crash's brother has epilepsy which is one of those health problems that CAN be common in Border Collies. "Someone" allegedly beat the puppy and threw him in a dumpster for dead. When ACO got to him, he had been buried in piles of trash and bottles and was indeed near death. He is now in Foster care and is doing much better. The ACO of Butte, Montana area is trying to find out (beyond a doubt) who did this to this little pup. I have called the ACO over in the Butte area myself and they are very motivated to find out who did this to him and to prosecute.
I will keep my blog informed on this case as it is close to my heart.
These 2 pups are my special Christmas miracles!

If you would like to read more about Oscar, click on the links below:
Thank you Dogster family of Avi for helping to rescue this little puppy for me! I am so happy and grateful! Through this rescue of Crash, we will get justice for poor Oscar!

Pictures of Oscar are from the Chelsea, Bailey, Butte-Silver Bow Animal Shelter in Butte, Montana.

If you would like to view Rowena's page (lots of pictures that change regularly) and check out Dogster for yourself, click on this link:

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