Friday, November 10, 2006

Home Wanted for a Deaf, Female White Border Collie Puppy:

Hi everyone... normally I wouldn't do this, but recently I had been looking into getting a new Border Collie puppy as it looked as if my living situation might change to allow that addition. However, though my living situation changed, it didn't change to allow me to get a puppy yet.
One of the pups I checked into was this little white charmer pictured above. I unofficially called her Lily. Lily was born about 5 months ago from a litter of pups of mostly white parents. Lily, however is deaf. The breeder breeds Border Collies in Butte, Montana... called Tanimara Border Collies. The breeder is selling the pups... all but Lily who is purchasable for free... not including any shipping costs (usually runs about $250 or so). You will have to set up shipping on your end should you choose to purchase Lily. Lily has been raised under foot in the breeder's home, is not potty trained, but is kennel trained. I doubt she has a name or that she has had any type of training... obedience or otherwise.
Deaf dogs are very trainable, they only need to be trained a different way. A person must train a deaf dog by using hand signs and by touch and body language. I believe training Lily would be a very rewarding experience and I am sorry I will miss it. She should learn fast and should be eager to win your approval. She will be a greatful and loving addition to any family who is ready to take on this little white extra challenge. There are very helpful websites that with guide you in the decision of getting Lily and support you once you have her. has groups of dogs who are deaf and/or deaf and blind. They are sweet, smart and loving dogs... just a little more special!
Please do not rush into the decision of purchasing Lily. Make sure you understand some of the needs of Border Collies, and that you understand the special needs Lily will have.
Should you be interested, send me an e-mail at and I will send you the info for you to contact the breeder. You will find this breeder's other pups on

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