Friday, September 01, 2006

Rowena's Achievements: A "Dog Show" Photos by Sally Bates, Business & Economic Development Officer

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With the Dog Days of Summer hitting Bangor for a second year, this year's festivities brought the usual sales to downtown stores and free drinking water for all the dogs. The Dog Days celebration also brought more booths from area business owners advertising their services for dog training, dog rescues and dog supplies just to name a few. Lumiere's Photography offered to take a photo of individuals with their dog for $10 and I jumped at the opportunity to have a pro take our picture (black & white!)... we bought 2 copies. There was a more organized formation of events this year made visible and more dogs abounded (while leashed of course). What attracted me to attend the event this year is the Doggy Fashion Show. Even though I was not home to prepare as I would like to have and couldn't find Rosie's costume, I stayed up very late the night before sewing a new sheep costume for my dear Rowena to wear. She would not be alone in her suffering either. In turn for her sheepdog humility, I would sport a kilt with Irish knit sweater and a genuine shepherd's crook (my grandmother had used for her few sheep), and my knee high Wellington-style boots. I would also finish off by wearing a wool cap a top my head and the 2 of us would equal in head to toe coverage. So the day came bright and sunny and quite warm I must add. I was torn between my training consultant's booth and the catwalk, but I wasn't too late getting up there to walk my little Rosie lamb on a rope. At the end, I missed some of the other dogs because some individuals took our pic and then I wanted to get Rosie (and myself) out of those hot clothes as soon as possible! We aren't in the cool highlands anymore Ro-Ro! My camera was broken and so was my consultant's. Fortunately, Sally Bates who was one of the judges got some photos and sent them to me so that I could share them with the rest of you and keep as a momento for myself for years to come!

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