Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Northeast United States Sheepdog Trials and Rowena's 2nd Birthday

The Blue Hill Fair in Blue Hill, Maine USA was held this long Labor Day weekend and the highlight (at least for us) was this year's Sheepdog trials. This year, the fair celebrated 50 years of holding the trials. It was wonderful to be able to take part and watch the dogs do their stuff! Of course I absolutely LOVE Border Collies, and I have a dream of owning a few sheep of my own someday like my grandmother had. I watched the trials today and I would really love to be able to learn how to do that with my dog. Maybe not Rosie, but a future dog.
Sure I got a brief "Old Shepherd's" lecture when I mentioned that I had wanted a blue merle border collie when I found Rowena. The shepherd said that a person shouldn't breed for color, but for it's working ability. And I wonder why one could not breed for both. And then I think how I needed a dog to do a different kind of work for me... not to herd sheep... and I wonder if I could have handled a dog more seriously bred for herding ability. Some shepherds believe that the color of a dog's fur, their eyes or even whether their ears stand erect or not do make a difference in their ability to herd and control sheep. I think it matters more to the human than the sheep personally. The truth is, when I found Rowena, I was actually very happy to be getting a traditional black and white patterned border collie puppy. Her 2 brothers had patterns that were a bit different than typical, but Rosie's glowing and outgoing personality was a major plus as well. That being said, Today we also celebrated Rowena's second birthday! To think after year one I was praising God up above that she made it through pretty much in one piece. Year two went smoothly compared to the first year. The Veterinarian is a little less familiar with Rowena this year though she still knows her well enough to understand what is going on with her when I do need to call. Year two has been full of training and new experiences and further proof that my dog is awesome indeed!!

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