Friday, June 09, 2006

Regarding the Calendar Project

Are these not Great dogs!!??
This is the back cover of the PSD Calendar

The end of last year, I decided to make a calendar full of info about psychiatric service dogs. In order to do this, I needed the assistance of some PSD handlers, and out of an internet support group, I found my assistants. Photos of 12 different dogs came from all over the US and Canada and made their way into one of my computer programs where it was transformed into what I believe is a pretty gosh darn decent calendar. My main goal was to make copies for a few of my service providers in the community. Thus, a lot of work went into creating 6 bound calendars with laminated covers. Unfortunately, the amount of money that went into creating these calendars made the task of reproducing any more to be a near impossibility. A PSD handler from the internet community volunteered to try to help. I send him the project. He was unable to find the program. Then my computer that held the project kicked the bucket... up and died. Now it doesn't look like anymore of these calendars will be made. Only 2 individuals who helped me by volunteering their PSD photos and information to me got a calendar. I feel really bad about that. So... I am going to use this blog space to share with you these 12 wonderful dogs that helped make this calendar possible. Here it is you great dogs!!! Here is your place to show off!!!
Please see these dogs posted above^^^^

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