Wednesday, June 14, 2006

"Latest ROWENA Photos"

It was a warm and rainy night and Rowena was bored. It had been raining for what seemed days and days. Cabin fever was setting in. So, late that night, I took Rowena and her lighted frisbee and we played a wet and muddy game of frisbee fetch. I took a bunch of pictures of her and we had a whole lot of fun!

Many days of rain has left the city forest overgrown and under water. The vernal pools overstayed their welcome, but not for the dogs! Here Rowena gallops through the swampy vernal pool that extended over its usual shores. She and her two K9 friends played tag that day.

Once in a while, I like a nice posed picture of Rowena. I choose a nice setting, hold up the frisbee in the direction I want her to look in and then I snap the pictures. She is a regular K9 beauty queen!

Rowena runs full throttle through the field during a romp with her two k9 buddies. This action shot is one of my favorite photos this spring.

Not just Rowena, but even Chloe came when I called! This rare moment was captured on film! Now they want their treats.

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