Tuesday, January 10, 2006

"Rowena's Service Tasks"

Here are the tasks that Rowena performs to assist me in dealing with my disabilities of Complex PTSD and Major Depression...

Problem/Symptom- Tasks
Panic attack, Anxiety- She alerts me of rising anxiety, will come up to me and "check me out" gets right in my face, tries to head off attacks, will at least decreases the length and intensity of an attack through "intelligent disobedience".
Hypervigilence, Dissociation & Flashbacks- She provides threat assessment (also on command) or a "reality check" to help me discern a real threat from "imagined". She alerts to and/or searches for the presence of people or pending presence of people (ie- hears cars or people enter apartment building, will search ahead while walking with me) She also provides tactile stimulation and can interrupt dissociative episodes, flashbacks, decreasing their severity, which decreases my chances of self harm.
Social Phobia/Withdrawal- She interrupts me from indoor activities (rings the bell on the door to signal) and gets me out of the house through out the day, provides an icebreaker for social interactions, acts as a social buffer, provides an outlet for "mainstream" social activities, and encourages me to get out and get physical even when I want to stay in and hibernate.
Chronic Pain- She will retrieve items and deliver them at my level "lap" whether I am lying, sitting, or kneeling on the ground so that I don't have to jump up and down when I am too sore.
Possible Future Tasks?
Dissociation- Helps handler cross the street safely and lead handler home.
Anxiety/Panic- Guide handler to a safe place (if in a mall or large group of people).

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