Tuesday, January 10, 2006

"Holiday Hang-Over"

--HoLidAy hANgOvEr pHoToS--"Every year must end with a forced pose shot of the family to send out to all friends and family."

"Tradition here says: Every successful Christmas must have snow! Even if it IS 45 degrees outside, it's gotta be white!"

"Not even Border Collies are allowed at the Christmas meal table. Where's the Cheers in that!??"

"Even dogs get decorated for the holidays? Aww, c'mon mom. Don't make me wear this vest."

AND... "What D'ya mean they're not all for me? Have I NOT been good enough this year?"

I hope by now everyone has been able to recover from the winter holidays! We can rest again for another 12 months!

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