Thursday, June 23, 2005


For almost a month now, Rowena has been taking a 3-part naturopathic remedy to help heal from her muscular skeletal injuries caused by the dog attack on her in February. Before the attack, she had been a happy, healthy energetic puppy. Afterwards, she was stiff and sore.

Being picked up and shaken at the hips by a big mean German Shepherd certainly qualifies as a physically traumatic event that can injure in ways that can be quite visual (puncture wounds) or a little more subtle (pulled and torn ligaments) that take longer to heal. I was determined to get her bouncing again!

When searching for something to help her recover more completely from those more invisible wounds, I did some research. That is when I found this naturopathic remedy, I thought it sounded like it had a lot of promise, could built her into a new puppy. The stuff is called "Winston's Joint Formula". It says it helps with a number of assorted canine muscular- skeletal problems and was very similar to a formula given to humans for similar problems. When we got it in the mail, it came in a small box that contained 3 bottles of supplements, each one having a different job to do. One helps rebuilt and strengthen bone, another helps strengthen and heal tendons and ligaments, the other helps heal and restore cartlidge. In this past month, I have seen Rowena's energy come back to where it used to be, and I see her return from a day of play not appearing to be stiff and sore. Her doggy chiropractor has noticed an improvement in her as well. Her last adjustment was quick and routine.

Half joking I like to claim that this formula is responsible for Rowena's ears standing more erect than usual for her. Yes, Rowena's ear cartlidge has been strengthening as well, and I have seen those soft black ears stand upright or nearly upright on more than one occasion throughout this past week. I look forward to beginning Rowena's second month of treatment with this naturopathic approach.

In the next several months, I would like to try Rowena in some doggy sports. I would like to check out flyball, agility, and some sheep herding workshops. She has that kind of playful spirit, and I want to feed it in healthy ways.

When she was first attacked, I was very distraught. I didn't like to see her in pain. Since I have started this remedy, I have seen Rowena play rough with her canine buddies, I have seen her jump, leap, have seen her run full speed ahead, and at the end of the day not be sore or stiff. My girl has recovered! I look at this girl now and I don't see any signs of her injuries from the attack!

Click on the above images to see a larger view^^^^ for more information on Winston's Joint Formula.

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