Tuesday, June 07, 2005

A Good Read: CHECK IT OUT...

A Book About a Border Collie...
REX, a Book written by Joyce Stranger

The book REX is a Border Collie classic. It is a book about a puppy born of an abused mother who runs off to live in the wild so she can keep her puppies. Rex is rescued and taken in by a man who tries to tame him. He has goals (and a bet) of raising Rex to be a herding champion. However, unable to get through to the young pup, a boy makes a connection and takes the pup home. This is a story about a boy and his devoted and loyal dog more than anything else. It is the Border Collie equivilent to "Lassie". My review doesn't do this book justice. I loved this book and encourage anyone crazy about Border Collies and all that they are to read this book. ***** (five stars) c. 1967 by The Viking Press, Inc.

Joyce Stranger has written these books as well: THE RUNNING FOXES and BREED OF GIANTS

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