Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Service Dog Photos Needed for Training Posters and Pamphlets--- Online Registered Dogs Need Not Apply!

I will be seeking photos of Service Dogs (with or without their disabled  handlers) to use in some upcoming personal projects.  The projects will be used to educate service dog users, trainees, and the general public, possibly including businesses. Some I may use on my blog here. Some I may use on my service dog's FB page-  I will not be getting any money, and will not be selling the photos.  The photos remain YOURS.

Will need the following photos of service dogs:
-on airplanes, with airplanes, inside airport, on cruise ship
-in hospital, on bed, in ER, in Ambulance
-In stores, malls, grocery stores, farmer's markets
-Amusement parks, zoos, festivals, music concerts, plays, movie theaters,Aquarium
-In school, college
-Cuddling with disabled handler
-playing, either alone or with other dogs
-working side by side with another service dog
-In a restaurant
-Any else you can think of that you think I might need.

I am also seeking photos of puppies in training from the shelter/breeder to crate training, first vet visits, puppy socialization, first obedience classes, and first vest and public outing.

I am also looking for Therapy Dog photos that illustrate the different elements of a therapy dog test, and also therapy dogs at work, whether it be at a Library with kids, at a nursing home, assisting with physical therapy with rehab patients, or in hospital working with patients.

I am looking for photos of dogs taking the CGC test (any level), Therapy Dog test (any program, please specify), and Public Access test.  I want photos illustrating each element of the test. (See my examples above, click on CGC or PAT etc. and see how the photos correspond.)

Since we had so many problems the last time I tried this project, each person donating a photo for use must resize and add a "watermark" of sorts to the bottom of the photo.  I will not be blamed for not getting permission to use photos again, so pay attention please!


The photo should be of clear quality, and be 300 resolution, about 4 x 6 in size.  No smaller than 3 x 5 please!

Please print the following information on the bottom of your photo using your own photo program.  (I usually use Microsoft Picture It! because I am old fashioned.  You may use Printshop or other similar type program.)

-If you do not want someone's face shown, you must smudge your own face.  One can do this in a "repair" section of a basic editing program.  Anything that gets rid of "shine" or other corrective "tool" can be used to do this.

-Your name or complete initials, or even a nickname that you will recognize, and the site (if you have one including a Facebook site if that is the only one you have) where photo is posted

-If someone else took the photo of you and your service dog (and you have rights to the photo) put that person's initials.

-Type "Permission to use photo" followed by the present date, my initials: HELG and site:

It might look something like this:

I will not knowingly use photos that are copyrighted, and by professional photographers (because they are typically copyright protected), so please do not donate these types of photos.

Because of the issues that came up last time I did this, all prepared photos must be sent to my email address with the title "Permission to Use Photo"

Included in the email, please list your name, your email address, the service dog's name, duty, breed and any other information.  Also:

"I give permission to Heather Gerquest to utilize my photo, prepared by me, for the purposes of service dog education.  This photo remains MY photo and cannot be sold."

When you are ready, attach the photo to the email and send to

Please email me if you have any questions!

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