Saturday, February 09, 2013

My Pretty Girl- Photos from the past year.

She looks nice, eh?  she was waiting for a toy to be thrown.

Rosie in Belfast on one of the crafter's chairs... artists in the
area have made benches for  use throughout the town using their media of choice.

Her first movie.
Rosie attended the Banff Mountain Film Festival at
Husson College, Gracie Theater this past week. 

Rosie in Union, Maine in her first boat ride.  Licking her lips, she wasn't totally
sure about this noisy venture, but did very well.  I love this polka dot life vest!

Rosie as a diving dog at the dock at Pushaw Lake this past summer.  She is wearing her working dog life vest.

Rock diving in Kenduskeag Stream this past summer.  This is a great place to spent a hot day!
The Blue Hill Fair... She thought she was one hot herding dog when she would lunge at the sheep as they were being released into the herding course.  The first time I have seen her show interest in sheep like this.  It was more of a "Wanna play?" thing for her.  If they ran, she would want to chase and play tag.  Hate to tell her the sheep probably wouldn't chase her back.

She wanted to say Hello to the clown!  This was 2012 Shriner's Parade.

I got a new bike this year and Rosie has really enjoyed running along (or  in front of ) me as I rode.

I love photographing against this huge Maple down the road.

Rosie hangs out at the church Pioneer Days Picnic.
Belfast, Rosie on one of their crafter's chairs.

Rosie has never been real sure of riding shotgun in the little kayak with me, but she does great, for the most part.

Rosie diving from the dock at Pushaw Lake.

Rosie takes a water break after running along side me in the forest.

More diving dog at Pushaw Lake.  Some photos it looks like she is running on water.

Soccer fiend!  This over-sized tennis ball is the only soccer ball she can't peel apart or pop.

Meeting Toby, one of the new BTs in the BT group in which  Rosie is an honorary member.
She is not crazy about Boston Terriers, but her interactions haven't exactly been great.  It is not her.  They are just a bunch of scrappy little dogs.

She had a frisbee to play with, but when she caught sight of the mother of all sprinklers this past summer, the frisbee meant very little!

Smelling the flowers while out with the rabbit last spring.

One of our first snowfalls this winter.


Autumn is always sad for me, the flowers die and the trees lose their leaves, but one beautiful flower remains year round... my Rosie (Rowena)

Blizzard 2013!  Today!  I got her her own Turtle Fur neck warmer for Christmas.

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