Tuesday, March 06, 2012

colors of border collies

The True Colors of Border Collie: A coat of many colors

So what color is Blizzard?
This is Blizzard playing in Saxl Park, Bangor, Maine USA
Well, lets find out...

Zero is a totally white border collie that has dark eyes.  A totally white border collie is a rare sight, and to see  one that is healthy... can see and hear... is also rare.  (deafdogs.com) "Zero's" life situation has changed and she needs a new home with lots of space in the country.  Are you interested?  Check out the link to the left of the page for the Eastern Tennessee Border Collie Rescue.

Border collies actually come in colors other than the traditional black and white. Their coats have different patterns as well.  The white is not always on the collar, chest, down the head and nose, feet and tail tip though that is how most know border collies to look like.

Pete is in a Foster Home through the Pacific North West Border Collie Rescue.  He is in Klammath Falls, Oregon.  If you want to check out Pete and other border collies available in the Pacific North West US area, click on their link located on the left side of the page.

Pete actually is a tri-colored border collie.  His split face color pattern is not what people are used to seeing in a traditionally patterned border collie.  Pete's half face and freckles give him character!   
Gent is also at the Eastern Tennesse Rescue.  He is a blue merle.  Blue is what they call the grey area with the black blotches, creates a merle patterned dog.  When one breeds a merle pattern dog with another merle, the outcome can be sad.  There is a large chance of puppies born who cannot hear or see and have other related medical problems as well. (Deafdogs.com)

Bobbie is at a rescue in the UK called Wiccaweys.  They rescue Border Collies and working sheep dogs.  Bobbie is a rough coated (long haired) black tri-colored border collie.

Tipper is located at a foster home for the Pacific North West border collie rescue.  If you want to check him out or any other dog there looking for a new forever home, the link is on the left side of the page.

Tipper is a beautiful dog.  He is a red tri-colored border collie.  Looks like he has light brown or amber eyes to blend in with his fur too!

Micah is also with the Pacific North West rescue.  He is being fostered in Washington State.  Micah has been seeking his forever home for quite a while now.  Do you have room for a dog like Micah?  Read about him at the PNWBCR site.  Maybe you can give him the home he needs.

Micah is a stunning black border collie with brilliant fair eyes (can't tell if they are blue or amber) and I can't help but be attracted to this dog.  He has very little white on him.  As handsome as he is, he probably would not be able to be a conformation show dog.  That's okay because there are so many other fun things for border collies to do.

Eli is in a foster home through the North East Border Collie Rescue located in Vermont.  She is predominantly white with very light grey eyes.  It is hard to see, but she is a red merle.  If you are interested in adopting Eli or any of the other dogs being fostered thru NEBCR, click on their link on the far left of the page.

This dog WAS looking for a home through the Pacific North West Border Collie Rescue, but on last check, I no longer saw her listed.  I hope she is doing well in her new home.

The above dog is the same color as Blizzard is!  He was registered with the AKC as a Sable and White dog.  That is what the breeders told me he was.  HOWEVER, eventually I found out that a border collie CAN come in a brindle too!  I believe it was in the Border Collie Museum on the internet.  I will find and post that link for you on this page so you can check it out.  So the above newly adopted girl and Blizzard are Brindle and White border collies.  The two of them look like they could be littermates!

This cute pup is Mira.  She is believed to be an Australian Shepherd x Border collie.  Just a pup, she is being fostered through the Eastern Tennessee border collie rescue.  To check her out, feel free to click on the link on the far left of this page.

Mira is a real shaded sable and white dog.  Notice that on the brindle, the black is striped mixed in with the red hair.  On the shaded sable, the black is on the edges of the colored part of the dog's coat.  If  you look at Mira's picture, you can see the black shading around her mask.

This special boy is Roosevelt.  He is a chocolate and white... or brown and white border collie.  And look at his grey eyes!  What makes Roosevelt so special is that his two front legs are deformed.  He was born this way so he doesn't know anything is wrong.  The North East Border Collie Rescue is trying to get donations of money to help Roosevelt get surgery to hopefully get his legsworking better, and to get him a pair of WHEELS!  (I believe there is a link to the company making Roosevelt's wheels at the NEBCR site).These wheels with be custom made to fit Roosevelt so that he will be able to get around without putting extra stress on his back and hips (which in the long run could mean he would become even more disabled).  If you think you can donate some money to Roosevelt's cause, please click on the North East Border Collie Rescue link to the left of this page.  While your there, you can check out the other dogs looking for forever homes!

What I don't have yet is a good picture of a blue and white, and a gold and white border collie.  The gold is another form of sable.  It can be as light as cream colored, to as dark as a golden retriever's dark golden coat.  If you have a good example of any of these colors in your dogs, please feel free to email me and send me a photo.

Now, how can I change Blizzard's AKC registration papers so it reads Brindle and White??
Update:  It will not be cheap to change his color on his registration papers.  I think it is another $30.


Heather Gerquest said...

Update: This article was written quite a while ago. Many, if not all of these dogs have found their forever homes. Roosevelt has a wheel chair now and is a very active dog with his forever family. Blizzard has been rehomed with a family that lives an hour from me. They are perfect for him as they know how to deal with his assorted issues and have plenty of time to work and train with him. I hear he has been dabbling in agility.

Aaron Richey said...

No matter the color, all Border Collies are beautiful :)

I've added your blog to my sidebarm hope you don't mind