Friday, September 02, 2011

That'll Do

"That'll Do"

by Sally Hull

The ancient hand, trembling, reached out to stroke
his companion of nigh sixteen years.
The grizzled old collie, not a tooth in his head,
gently licked away one of his tears.

"Come up here Laddie." He patted his bed,
with that knotted hand, mapped in blue veins,
that for sixty-eight years had brought life to the land
and wielded the shepherd's cane.

Ever loyal and true, Laddie took his place
beside the shepherd, at his right hand,
ever ready to work, every ready to guard,
ever ready to follow his command.

The old shepherd stroked the soft graying head,
Then embraced his best friend by his side.
He buried his face deeply into his fur,
Breathed in, then gently, he died.

Later that day, the son came to call,
and found them both there in the room.
They both had gone home, together still.
"That'll do Laddie, that'll do."

Copyright Sally Hull 2006

Executive Director
Hull's Haven Border Collie Rescue

And that is the way it should be... both go together if nature would be so kind.

Photos provided from the Border Collie Museum... an online resource that discusses all things Border collie.  EVERYTHING you ever wanted to know and more!  (Really, it is that thorough!)  The link is in the side bar of this blog.

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