Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Photos... Rowena at Work and Play!

You can't tell that I'm proud of my girl, can you?
And proud of our accomplishments!
Above left- Here we are at the mall right after we passed our PAT (Public Access Test)
Top Right- Rosie and I pose with our Service Dog Team certificate.
Bottom- Rosie with her Service Dog Team certificate.
Working: Rowena with Benny
Rosie and Benny stand by while their humans eat at a Wendy's Restaurant.
Rosie and Benny acting as greeters at Target.  "Welcome to Target!  Is that a service dog?"

Rosie and I visit Benny and his human in the hospital.

Rosie and Benny, meet for the first time and pose for this picture taken in the Bangor Mall.

At Play: Rowena and Benny
Benny is a little larger than she is used to playing with.
Rosie at Work:  Going Places

Rosie and me... Maine State Capitol,  Augusta State House, Augusta, Maine.  Notice the security guy above us.  He came out while we were climbing the steps.  There were no signs saying "stay off the steps" that I saw.

Rosie enjoys the view and rest at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC.
Psychiatric service dogs and their humans pose in front of the court house in Washington DC.  Neil brown-nosed the security guy so we could get a group picture here.  In the lower photo you can see me with Rosie on the far right.

Opening Doors:  Learning New Things

Learning how to help with Laundry.

Young Rosie accompanied me to the ER when I was sick.  Everyone loved her!
Rosie the weary traveler waiting for her flight out of Washington DC after a long visit.  She is actually standing while resting her head on my suitcase.
Do you ever feel like you are being watched while using a restroom in a public place?
I think Rosie was a bit less than a year here when she attended the first folk festival in Bangor, Maine.
Rosie met Winston, a blue shaded sable border collie, at the 3rd Annual PSDS Gathering in Washington DC.  That was the first time there for the both of them.
Sometimes a service dog feels like a superstar that everyone wants their picture taken with.  This girl (we have never seen her before) wanted her picture taken with Rosie as we were getting icecream at an outdoor dining place in Hamden, Maine.

This girl we DO know.  Her family housed Blizzard for a while when he was here.
Autism Awareness walk event in Bangor, Maine.  Rosie waits patiently with one SD in training and one SD on the job.

Rosie Around Town
We often go and play at the fairgrounds.  This is (obviously) the area with all the stables.  She almost looks like a "real" border collie!
I took Rosie out in her Ruff Wear gear one evening to get some photos.

She first poses for me at home
Rosie in Uniform after a long day.  Downtown Bangor.

Sometimes I ask her to pose in weird places.  This would be one of those times.  She so wants to please me, all she needs is a little coaxing and I can usually talk her into it  This was taken at Perry's Nuthouse just outside of Belfast, Maine.

I wanted her right under foot!  Now that's a change!  This oversized L.L. Bean boot is fairly new to the Bean's outlet in Freeport, Maine.
This is Rosie sitting under the giant Paul Bunyan statue in Bangor.  She really is scared of this huge woodsmen. She dealt with it just fine on this day.
Rosie also hates other statues.  It's the fact that they are very human looking and very large and don't smell like a human. No... that's not it.  She saw a cloak hanging on a hat post in a restaurant once and she was terrified of it.  She thought it was human!  I had to bait her and coax her towards it so I could show her it wasn't a person, just a coat.

At Play:  Rosie and Blizzard
Rosie and Blizzard:  Blizzard's first day out to play with Rosie since winter.

Look at Blizzard's big goofy tongue!  Rosie was just tolerating him that day.
This is one of the last times Rosie and Blizzard played.  I had to surrender him to the BC rescue and I really hope they kept their promise and worked with him.  He was very fear aggressive and had poor housepet manners.  He had burnt all his bridges.  We were supposed to be in Oregon, but it didn't happen and I had to surrender him.  Broke my heart to bits.
Blizzard is NOT a water dog.  He didn't understand toys, let alone the whole fetching thing.
Rosie and pack playtime!  Winter in Saxl Park in Bangor, Maine.

Again, Saxl park.  Rosie's best friend Chloe is the Puggle in the back.
Rosie in a sneak attack on Chloe, Rosie's bestest friend ever.

Rosie performs a sneak attack on her buddy, Chloe.

Sofian is the Yellow Lab mix:  "Oops!  Didn't see you all there!"  He somehow TRIPS over the other 3 dogs.  He was pretty old, blind and deaf here.
These two always had a blast
Gnawing on each other playfully
Playing chase and tag
running side by side in matching coats
Chloe wins this game!  She AROOOOs with happiness over her conquered friend.
"I am the dog whisperer"  Okay so treats do help ALOT to gain attention and control.
The attack!  Whoa, there you are!
running on the beach
Avoiding a nip
STRETCH puppies!
Playing on the beach
Rosie invites Sofian to a game of tag
Rosie dodges Chloe
Chloe wins!
Last spring, Rosie and I met up with a heeler we know at the city forest. (Diesel?)  When we had seen him last he was a small pup!

Playing With Lobo and Cinco
Lobo was trained by his sister to not be pushy.
Lobo hoping Rosie will surrender the frisbee like his older sister does.  Rosie has no intention of letting go of the frisbee.
Rosie (foreground) playing with Lobo (Left) and Cinco, Lobo's older sister (Right).  They are waiting for the frisbee. Neither of them will interact with the other.  Lol.
I love this photo of a very young Lobo with one of Rosie's frisbees.  It is as big as he is!  He was such a cutey!

Rosie With Some Water
Rosie is not afraid of a little old wave!  Charge forth!

Above:  Rosie charges forth to "Git the Wave!" This is at Reid State Park in Georgetown, Maine.  I photoshopped her leash out.  Dogs are not allowed on the beach but Rosie was on duty.  She has her little mesh vest on.  She's never seen such huge waves before!
Bottom:  Rosie retrieving at her swim hole at the Bangor Waterfront.  It was really hot that day.

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