Sunday, September 06, 2009

Video Clip: Rosie and her Sister at Age Two

In 2006, we had the opportunity to meet Rosie's sister, Lady. Many photos were taken of the occasion, and Lady's mom took some video clips. She sent me a disk which all these years I assumed were photos, and I already had them. Come to find out, this disk had several video clips of the event. It was as beautiful as I remembered!

(Rosie is the dog who's ears aren't erect. She also has a shorter coat and a narrower stripe up her nose. She is the skinnier one... though she is also taller. Lady has a blockier head.)

Beethoven's 9th is the soundtrack.

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Kris Wiltse said...

They cracked me up! Mirror images almost. And what joy they express. Thanks for sharing this.

Kris (Zoe's Ma)