Thursday, May 15, 2008

LD # 2285 (Previously LD #289) Signed by Governor Baldacci

On April 18th, 2008, Governor John Baldacci signed the bill that redefines for the State of Maine what a Service Dog is. The good news is that corrections were made on the bill before it passed the house and senate and it is a good thing. This puts Maine inline with the ADA. I am so happy to have been a part of the Task Force that rewrote the new bill after the first introduction flopped and the rep who presented it pulled it on the day of the public hearing because of the uproar. This means that writing letters to your state representatives, senators etc. do work to make desired changes in bills and laws. Take an active part in standing up for what you believe is right and just and write those letters!
At this point I do not have the link but will be adding that as soon as I find it. Thank you for all of the support and well-wishers from all over! Your comments have been appreciated!

Maine State Governor John Baldacci


To those who have service animals, make sure that you are familiar with your state's service animal laws and don't assume that they protect you. Learn and know the ADA enough that you can tell when someone is feeding you a bunch of bull. Know that not even the DOJ/ADA phone-line is a place to get the full truth on service animals. Know that not everyone who uses a service animal will support your use of a service animal. Even disabled individuals discriminate (sadly enough).

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