Saturday, March 31, 2007

Support Your Favorite Local Service Dog Training Facility!

Here is Tail Waggin Training Center:

If the State of Maine's LD #289 had lived and past as written, little gems like this facility would be out of business. The nearest non-profit service dog training facility is in Portland, Maine, a good 2 hours from here (Bangor) and a good 4 hours away for those in the northern most parts of Maine. Waiting lists for these already trained Service dogs available at this Portland training facility (My Wonderful Dog) are most certainly enormous as they are everywhere else in the country. The demand for service dogs are high. There is no way that they would ever be able to keep up with the demand if LD #289 had past as written. Not to mention the cost for the disabled individual to get such a dog is higher than what it cost me to raise, train and care for my owner-trained service dog for her first 2 years (maybe even 3 years). A well-bred pup can go for about $1,200. Health checks, care and training is (for me) about $4000 (or so) a year. By raising my own pup, my dog is already tuned into my moods and chemistry and may already be able to alert before basic training is finished.
Tail Waggin lets me know about eye clinics to get Rosie's eyes CERF'd and let me know who to go to for hip checks. Since Rosie's puppy training, my need for hospital visits and stays, ER visits and doctor visits in general have gone down incredibly saving tax payers thousands of dollars. My care providers are happy. Best of all, Tail Waggin does "house calls" and will meet with Rosie and me, and do public access work with us alone. We can work on Rosie's own weak areas of training (those darn garage doors that close all by themselves!) They keep up on service dog laws and standards and preach these things to their clients so that they are responsible service dog handlers and pet owners.
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