Monday, February 05, 2007

"A Day at Reid State Park in Georgetown, Maine"

I was told that you could bring your dog to Reid State Park which is down the road from our new place in Georgetown, Maine during off-season hours. When we got to the park, we found that dogs must be leashed. After seeing the size of the waves, I knew we had to go home and get a longer leash. We came back with Rosie happily chasing waves with her 50- foot lead on as a leash, bouncing in the sand on an unusually warm January day, bounding towards the huge waves and chasing them back into the sea. I didn't have to get dragged in with her. That day in early January was truly a rarity here in Maine reaching temps of probably 65 degrees. My husband laughed at the people who came to visit the beach who were bundled up like it was an average winter day. Rosie still found the water was very cold and eventually stopped chasing the ocean in order to warm up, but she thoroughly enjoyed her romp on the beach and not only made us laugh, but also other fellow beach combers. It is interesting that the shells that one is able to find washed up on beaches differ so much from one Maine beach to the next. Here I was happy to see Razor clams and tiny sand dollars that would be a rare find from the beaches near where we used to live (North or "downeast"). It also seemed that one is more apt to find a sand beach down in the Southern part of the state, but I don't know. Rowena could care less. She walked along and occasionally tried to dig up a monster piece of driftwood from it's sandy bed, throwing sand everywhere. I know she will look forward to her next trip here.

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