Saturday, July 30, 2005

"Rowena's Training Plan"

As we all know, Rowena is my service dog (in training). I am presently training her with a 3 phase system called Psychiatric Service Dog- Individual Training Plan. Like the PSD, this plan can be adjusted for the dog at any point in order to meet the training needs that are so varying from dog to dog, and from one stage of development to another. Though I plan to carry it out for three years with Rowena, (but that may change depending on her maturity level) if she continues to focus well and calm down a bit during this next year, maybe we can knock off some of these goals faster than that. Here is what this PSD-ITP includes:
1-Public & Canine Socialization
2-Basic/Beginners Obedience
3-Puppy Desensitization
4-Handler/Canine Bonding
5-Introduction to Skills
1-Advanced Desensitization
2-Autonomy Training
3-Canine Community Etiquette
4-Task Specific Training
5-Community Institute Visits
6-Earn Canine Good Citizen
1-Can Perform Identified Tasks
2-Advanced Obedience
3-Attention/Distraction Evaluation
4-Re-focus/Self-control Evaluation
This September, Rowena has earned a certificate for completion of Phase-1. She is a fast and eager learner and I am enjoying the process of training her and getting to know how she learns and works. Okay, so this flexi-leash phobia of hers is really getting ridiculous, but I guess phobias happen to the smartest individuals... in the meantime, she continues to serve me to the best of her ability.

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