Monday, May 09, 2005

"Puppy Love"

Puppy's first day out! 9- weeks old

Rowena is joy "caninified". Her fuzzy, plump, puppy body has stretched out into a long, glossy -coated charmer. Her eyes glimmer bright as she looks up at me, and I enjoy seeing her joyfully playing in the field or being a social butterfly as she follows me around town. People adore her. She recognises some individuals, and gets all excited... her butt and her tag wag, head lowered in typical Border Collie fashion as she awaits a greeting. She adores them. People comment on her all the time. "Oh, she's beautiful... You're beautiful! You know that?" And she does. I should have made her AKC name as "Jayden's Princess Rowena". What a better companion could I have all day than a loving faithful dog like Rowena? Who else would panic if I were to get up and leave the room to use the toilet? Who would have to follow me there and try to sniff what is on the otherside of the toilet lid? Gross. I know... but imagine how loyal, faithful and ever adoring that creature would have to be. When I go to bed, she's hot on my heels and hopping for the covers. If I get up to use the bathroom or get a drink during the night, down she hops to follow me. "Nosy-Rosey" is an appropriate nickname for her as she has to check out where I am at all times, what I am doing, where I am going, what I have... And even after I bathe her lovingly, struggle to brush her stubborn and hairy hind-quarters, and trim her bi-colored nails, she still loves me. She still wants to jump up on the couch with me afterwards. She still kisses me. So even though her bare naked freckled puppy belly has become slim and covered with fine white fur, she is still the same little charmer she's always been. (And those freckles are still there... just blanketed in the fur.)

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