Thursday, April 21, 2005

"Springtime Beauty"

Beautiful Rowena Posted by Hello

As the year begins to warm and ice ice receeds from the rivers and flower beds, I have been looking forward to going for long walks and hikes with Rowena. She loves being unleashed and running free in the fields and forest. I love watching her. She was born in the autumn (September 3rd.) and had not had the opportunity to experience the joys of spring and summer. I have begun to introduce her to water and have encouraged her to try out swimming. Fetch toys and canine peer pressure does help. I want to introduce her to hiking. Take her to some stoney trails that aren't too steep. I can begin training outside now and the world has opened up to Rowena's curious eyes and restless legs!
She gets bored when I am gardening though. I have to tie her up in the yard as I tow the big green and scary wagon behind me to throw the old brush and dried leaves into. Last week as I gardened, the driveway was one big muddy mess. It had enormous mud puddles, and deep thawing frost heaves lifting up the gravel and dirt from underneath. I remember reading that a bored Border Collie is a trouble maker. They will find something to do... and it may not be an activity you approve of. Sure enough, I turn around to check on Rowena and she is digging in an enormous mud puddle, throwing mud flaps and murky water back onto her white chest and legs. I got her to stop only to have her begin laying in the thick mud and rolling in it. "Your definitely getting a shower tonight!" I scolded.

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