Monday, May 24, 2010

Spring Update

This spring has been an unusual one here in Maine.  It is only the tail end of May and the weather has been unlike our usual spring weather.  Instead of mud, right now we have grass.  Instead of frost, we are presently having temps in the 80's.  Today I put in my second air conditioner (which I planned on not having to put back in this window at all.  I was supposed to be in Oregon).  Rosie and I would normally take the bus to walk in the City Forest all afternoon, coming home around supper, but I took the day off to run errands and pick up stuff to put the AC in correctly.  Tomorrow will also be very hot, but I plan on taking the bus out to the forest to give Rosie and I some run time for a few hours before hiking out.  The downfall is that tomorrow is supposed to be hotter, and we may be getting some thunder showers... some severe.  These storms usually hit when we are on our way out to catch the bus which means that we will be out of the forest (more than likely) and on Kittridge Road somewhere.  There is no protection there.

The joys of spring are all ours when we are walking in the forest.  With my camera, I catch each stage of new growth and flowers opening, and Rosie's first swim in the beaver pond.  My Lupine at home is far ahead of the Lupine in the Forest.  It is very unusual to have Lupine in bloom like this in May, but here we are!  The Lady's Slippers are out in huge numbers, and the fields are growing very fast this year.  The birds have already established nests in the long grass and low shrubs.  My best friend and confidant is Rosie, my service dog.  For the most part, she is not super judgemental of me.  She loves to walk in the woods with me though she'd prefer I focus all my attention on her and not photographing everything else BUT her (she has her fair number of photos).  She doesn't understand why I won't let her play and leap off the rough trails (because of the delicate flowers like Lady's Slippers in bloom right now.  The grass in the field hides bird nests and also her expensive Chuck-it balls so I am not throwing them in the fields anymore.  I do make sure she hits the pond as we come in and on our way out.  We have seen no beavers unfortunately, no frogs yet, but there are those monster blood suckers in there!

Because of the stress of being apart from my husband who is in Oregon trying to get the money to come back to Maine and move us all west, financial stress and second dog stress, I must be wound quite tightly.  It takes very little for Rosie to be on the alert, looking over to me to see if I am okay.  I don't have to be in tears, she looks over and just knows.  I can't wait until this move is over even though it will bring with it new stresses, like finding new providers, switching over my checks and medical care... and finally I will be able to parent Blizzard my "puppy".  He is now one, but is no where close to being an adult dog.  He is my project dog.  Rosie is my psychotherapy.

I have begun attending church and though she really hates it, Rosie quietly lays by my feet for the 3 hours we are there for Sacrament and the 2 classes afterwards. Then afterwards she pulls me towards the door like she is saying "Let's get out of here!"  However, if she gathers her fan club, she will slow down until they all disperse.

Right now the temp has gone down to 79 so I will get Rosie ready to go play down by the river for a little bit.